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Inside The Newsroom is home to the world's most comprehensive journalism job board and candidate board. If you’re a student looking for an internship, early-career journalist trying to land your big break, or seasoned veteran wanting to manage a team, we have you covered.

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If you’re an employer of any size looking to gain more traction for your job openings, you can fill out this form or shoot Daniel an email at daniellevitt32@gmail.com, and we can chat about how we can help!

About Daniel

Daniel’s journalism career began in 2015 with a master’s degree in Data Journalism and Visualization at the University of Missouri. Hundreds of applications and cover letters later, he interned at Bloomberg News and FiveThirtyEight in New York, and the Texas Tribune in Austin, before he landed full-time at The Guardian and most recently The Wall Street Journal in London. So he knows a thing or two about grinding his way up the career ladder in multiple countries.

Daniel started Inside The Newsroom in 2018 as a way to talk to his favourite journalists, and help those in similar positions to himself. When the Wall Street Journal told him that he must shut down ITN if he wanted to continue working for them, he refused and resigned. Now the shackles are off, he’s never been more focused on breaking down the barriers to entering journalism, and making it a more inclusive industry.

What Are People Saying?

Daniel hates it when people talk about him, unless it’s when Inside The Newsroom helped land them a job…

“Inside The Newsroom is a great tool for any journalist, and excellent value for money. The job board is one of the most comprehensive you'll find in the industry, and useful even if you're not looking for a new role. It's reassuring to know that someone else is scouring job boards for you, and not having to do that yourself is a massive time saver.” Samuel Horti, Lead Global Health Reporter, at The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

“In February, I’ll begin a new journey at the Associated Press as a video journalist covering Ohio. Although I’m quite nervous, I’m really excited to begin this chapter in a new city with a job that will present its own challenges and opportunities for growth. I felt under-appreciated and overlooked in my previous job, but receiving the updated newsletters and job board posts from Inside the Newsroom gave me hope that a better opportunity was out there and that I was not alone in navigating this world of news. I look forward to reading many more from y’all. Cheers!” — Patrick Orsagos, Video Journalist at the Associated Press

“After five years in print and digital media, Aneeta Mathur-Ashton is heading to MSNBC to be a writing producer for Chris Jansing Reports. Mathur-Ashton recently graduated from American University with her master's in journalism and public policy with an international specialization. She's spent the last year working as a graduate reporter with The Washington Post and a contributor for Yahoo News. She helped assist The Post's national desk in the coverage of the aftermath of Jan. 6, which won a Pulitzer Prize in Public Service.” — Aneeta Mathur-Ashton, AP Producer for Chris Jansing at MSNBC

“I'm happy to say I have nothing but praise for Inside The Newsroom. It has been a fantastic tool in applying for jobs and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone wanting to get a new job in the media, there really is nowhere better to search for opportunities.” — Joe Harker, Journalist at LADBible

“Daniel’s expansive and curated job listings were extremely helpful when I decided to reenter the job market. LinkedIn and Indeed were flush with openings, but Inside the Newsroom has an industry perspective that the algorithms couldn’t recreate. These were jobs that I actually wanted to apply for, plus professional insights. I’m thrilled to have landed a new job editing emerging news, but I’m sure I’ll still jump on the newsletter every Monday.” Kendyl Kearly, Emerging News Editor at The Baltimore Sun

“Inside The Newsroom’s job board and newsletter was extremely helpful for a recent j-school graduate entering the workforce. The job board has a plethora of roles that I would have never been able to find otherwise, and is thoroughly organized — distinguishing the role, city, and most importantly, the date the job listing was posted. Thank you Inside The Newsroom for allowing me to stay on track during what can be a very tedious job search!” — Ruth Etiesit Samuel, Culture Reporter at HuffPost

“My Inside The Newsroom subscription helped me stay up to date with new job openings and track deadlines. I recommend it to anyone on the job hunt!” — Luciana Perez-Uribe Guinassi, State and Politics Reporter at the News & Observer

“I signed up for the paid version to help my daughter (a 2020 college graduate) with her search for journalism jobs. It was a wonderful find, especially for a college senior whose last quarter was cut short by the pandemic. She applied for internships as well as entry level jobs, and eventually found a job in UI/UX Design. I’ve forwarded the newsletter to other graduates who are looking for careers in the field. It’s a great service compiling relevant postings, connecting to others who are supporting young journalists looking to enter the field, and I wish you continued success.” — Joanne Hartmann, Freelance Writer

“When I began searching for entry-level print and audio jobs, I was overwhelmed by the listings and underwhelmed by the offerings. Handshake and LinkedIn fed me mostly unpaid internships or volunteer positions — impossible to take if you're not independently wealthy — and I struggled to find roles that matched my interests and experience. Making a small investment in Inside the Newsroom's carefully curated job board was the best thing I did to help my first full-time job search, saving me tons of time scrolling through generic job websites and providing a comprehensive trove of enticing opportunities. The extensive list also restored my faith that a journalism/media career is still possible, especially if one knows the right spreadsheets to consult.” Sara McCrea, Podcast Development at APM Studios

“To be honest, I wasn’t sure about taking up an Inside The Newsroom subscription, but Daniel was quick to answer my questions and this was the main reason I decided to subscribe. Visiting numerous websites looking for a full-time role was painful and time consuming, but ITN’s list made the search for my ideal roles easy. I wouldn’t have found my job without the list, so I’ll always be grateful for that.” — John Guinn, Local Democracy Reporter at JPI Media

“The newsletter and jobs board were super helpful during my job search — any time I felt I was losing steam, there was always an abundance of really exciting opportunities that motivated me to keep looking. I also really appreciated the wide variety of roles included. As someone early in their career, I loved knowing that there were plenty of paths I could take to build a career in journalism.” — Ann Gehan, Finance Reporting Fellow at Business Insider

“The only thing worse than apartment hunting is job hunting. I spend hours jumping from one careers page to another just to apply to a position that's probably already filled. And there's always that lingering feeling that I'm missing out on opportunities because I just haven't searched hard enough. Yet Inside the Newsroom, with its comprehensive and up-to-date database, largely quenched that fear. Plus, it's where I found my latest gig." — Sachi McClendon, Editorial Fellow at The Intercept

“Great newsletter! The job list is incredibly helpful. There are so many jobs I never would have found and applied to otherwise! It even helped me find a fellowship after months of not being able to get a journalism job. I highly recommend subscribing.” Lora Korpar, Digital Reporting Fellow at Newsweek

“I loved this subscription and was genuinely so helpful in my job search. In May 2021 I found a part-time role using the job board, and in November 2021 I received an offer for a full-time role! The spreadsheet was extremely organized and provided a great variety of media roles, which I appreciated as someone pivoting from reporting to broader communications.” Karen Jenkins, Social Media at Backstage

“Inside The Newsroom’s job board is the most comprehensive I've seen by far, and received two internship offers because of the board! I anticipate resubscribing after my internship ends and I start the post-graduation job hunt.” — Skye Witley, Intern at NBC Washington

“I've really enjoyed following the newsletter, and the job board has been incredibly helpful for me in my job search. Once I read your letter about leaving the WSJ, I wanted to see what ways we as subscribers would be able to help and grow Inside The Newsroom. I think what you and your team have put together is awesome, so I'd like to help in any way I can.” — Chris Butler, Journalism Student at Northeastern University

“I did want to mention that I have really enjoyed your newsletter over the last few months - you do an excellent job of not just curating jobs and internships, but also putting together the global news roundups each week. I've found them really great for staying informed on what's going on around the world, including in countries I don't typically keep an eye on.” — Christie Moffat, Real Estate Reporter at S&P Global

“I was unemployed and looking for journalism jobs for eight months, and was spending literal hours every week combing through Twitter posts, job boards, and career pages — just to find listings that were weeks or months old, or to realize I had missed a job I would have liked to apply for because I forgot to check a certain website. Subscribing to Inside the Newsroom gave me back those hours of frustration and fruitless searching and I ended up landing several interviews after I applied to jobs I found on the board. Plus, Daniel puts his money where his mouth is in trying to keep unpaid internships off the board and responding to emails when you have a question or suggestion! Totally worth the money for journalism job-searchers.” — Kirstyn Brendlen, Reporter at Brooklyn Paper

“After graduating from journalism school, my friends and I were all on the job hunt. One of the biggest stresses was simply finding jobs to apply to. Inside The Newsroom newsletter eliminated that stress for us. Checking in every week to see new jobs helped us see the possibilities in the industry and kept me motivated in my job hunt. A subscription is worth every penny!” — Catie Cheshire, Reporting Fellow at Denver Westword

“Just a few weeks after subscribing to the job board, I was offered my dream job writing about reality TV. You might not think it at the time, but joining this newsletter could change your life. Thank you so much, Daniel.” — Celine Byford, Chief Staff Writer at Reality Tidbit

“Inside the Newsroom has impacted me massively over the past year. I just landed a full-time role I found on the job board, right out of college. This is a listing I certainly would have missed through more traditional job search means, but it wound up being a perfect fit. I didn't go to a big journalism school and started with no connections, so I've found the industry as a whole incredibly difficult to navigate. Job hunting aside, your thoughtful note on why you had to leave the Wall Street Journal shed light on issues I've noticed are incredibly common across publications.” — Camilla Forte, Web and Photo Producer at The Hechinger Report

“After reading your post about leaving WSJ, I had to subscribe. Thanks for all you do, it’s so critical to our field!” — Eric Falquero, Editor at Street Sense Media

“I just read this newsletter and wanted to send you my support! The job board you manage is incredible and I cannot think of a better place to look for work!” — Caterina Bernardi, Freelance Photographer

“Whether I was scouting for a new job, assignment, or just keeping my finger on the pulse of happenings in the media industry, Inside the Newsroom was an excellent and reliable resource.” — Bekah Wright, Freelance Journalist

“Inside the Newsroom’s job board makes the job hunt during these strange times, dare I say, more enjoyable? Instead of wasting time visiting the career pages for individual publications, you can find a list of current openings, along with links to the place to apply and when the job was posted. It's a welcomed reprieve in what's been a difficult time for many people in our industry. Thank you, Daniel!” — Anna (last name anonymous as she’s still on the job hunt)

“After resubscribing to your service I found a good tip that led to a promising job interview. I’m grateful Inside The Newsroom exists and will be recommending it to friends and colleagues who are also looking to make a change.” — Chris (last name anonymous as he’s in the process of changing jobs)

“For many journalists and everyone in new media seeking work in a newsroom, it’s a great resource for a great price.” — Bill Ramsey, Independent Graphic Designer

“As an independent journalist, I find Inside the Newsroom extremely valuable in that postings are easily accessible and detailed. Daniel’s dedication to readers is evident through his meticulous planning and via the newsletter’s straightforward, no-nonsense design.” — Amanda Florian, Independent Journalist

“I work in local news, whose newsrooms don't put many resources into promoting their positions. ITN became my one-stop job search. I saw a posting for a little-known news startup near me in San Francisco called Here/Say Media and, entirely to it being included on ITN, I was among the first applicants. I’m so excited to start my new position and extremely grateful to Daniel and for jumpstarting my next opportunity.” — Sarah Wright

“Inside the Newsroom's job board was instrumental in helping me find a full-time role in media (which is notoriously difficult to do)! I can't thank Dan enough for creating this valuable resource and educating me about current events around the world while I job hunted. I highly recommend job seekers and news junkies alike subscribe.” — Rebecca Long, freelance writer and editor

“Inside the Newsroom has been my go to place for unfiltered, unbiased weekly news roundups, and has been essential for me as a emerging visual journalist based between Canada and the UK, to keep my finger on the pulse of what opportunities are coming up where. In creating this community, Daniel recognizes that the next generation of journalists need a base from which they can navigate this ever-changing industry. Inside the Newsroom is that base.” — Amy Romer, Visual Journalist

“Visiting Daniel’s job board every Monday gives me the same satisfaction as opening the fridge door after a big shop. And you can use it knowing he remembered everything on the list… even the sneaky ones other job boards miss out.” — Charlie Metcalfe, Freelance Writer

“Life as a freelancer often feels isolated and it's easy to feel out of the loop. That’s why I'm so thankful for a resource like Inside The Newsroom that gives me a sense of connectivity with incredible data and inspiring peer interviews. Plus, for me, the job board is a game-changer, and is my go-to when I start scouting the on-staff world!” — Raven Briana McMillan, Freelance Writer

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Daniel Levitt 

Daniel started Inside The Newsroom in 2018. He previously worked at The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian and FiveThirtyEight. Contact him at daniellevitt32@gmail.com

Celia Hurtado 

Celia is a freelance social media strategist, photographer, videographer and designer. Contact her at celiahurtado17@gmail.com.