When I arrived at The Texas Tribune in Austin almost three years ago, I thought I was about to start a full-time fellowship. It couldn’t have been better: A curious British dude in the heart of Texas and Tornado Alley, and in scorching January heat! Except when I entered the newsroom that morning, I quickly discovered that the "full-time" fellowship wasn’t that full-time at all. In fact, it was a 20-hour-per-week gig, which swiftly created a gaping hole in my finances and a vacuum of anxiety up top. How the hell was I going to fund myself for the next five months? No matter how much I wanted to cry on the shoulders of random Texans on 6th Street, I refused to feel sorry for myself, and quickly realized I no longer had an excuse not to start the podcast I’d been mulling over for months. So I did just that. Originally called The Daniel Levitt Podcast — someone should have stopped me there — Inside The Newsroom has morphed into a newsletter, a jobs and internships board, and a community of journalists, academics and students from more than 20 countries who want to delve deeper into topics and be curious about the world.

The original artwork for The Daniel Levitt Podcast taken in my grandma’s kitchen. Again, why did nobody immediately shut that down? 👇

Since then, we’ve shone a light on some of the most important domestic and international issues facing us today including the…

… and dozens of others.

And on top of that, we’ve covered every major election around the world so far this year including…

October: Kyrgyzstan, Czech Republic and New Caledonia 🇰🇬🇨🇿🇳🇨

September: Jamaica and Iran🇯🇲🇮🇷Montenegro🇲🇪2020 Elections: What’s Happened Since Part 2

August2020 Elections: What’s Happened Since Part 1Belarus and Sri Lanka🇧🇾🇱🇰

JulyMongolia, Iceland🇲🇳🇮🇸Croatia, Dominican Republic🇭🇷🇩🇴 and Syria, North Macedonia🇸🇾🇲🇰

JuneSerbia, Kiribati and Malawi🇷🇸🇰🇮🇲🇼

MayBurundi 🇧🇮 and Suriname🇸🇷

AprilSouth Korea🇰🇷

MarchIsrael, Slovakia and Tajikistan🇮🇱🇸🇰🇹🇯

FebruaryCameroon, Ireland, Azerbaijan🇨🇲🇮🇪🇦🇿 and Iran, Togo🇮🇷🇹🇬

JanuaryTaiwan🇹🇼 and Peru🇵🇪

… and you can expect coverage on almost 30 more elections still to come this year.

Okay Daniel, but why do I have to pay for an email?

Good question. Doing things the right way means not taking shortcuts. And that means putting in the hours, lots of them. Running a podcast, newsletter and job board is essentially a full-time job, and fortunately I already have one of those. Every week over the past two years has required between 30 and 40 hours of commitment, so for the price of a couple cups of coffee, I'll be able to pay students and early-career journalists like Aina and Sophie an actual living wage (£12/$15 an hour) to help out and get some experience/clips along the way. Other people cover U.S. and UK politics to death, and that’s a good service, but you can get that anywhere. This newsletter focuses on the global stories happening in the background.

When you become a monthly or annual member, you get:

  • Full access to the Inside The Newsroom Jobs and Internships Board. When I was in college, I spent 20 hours a week just finding the jobs that I then spent even longer applying to. While I can’t apply to these jobs, I can at least find them for you and send them to your inbox at the start of each week. Better that than paying £25/$30 a month for LinkedIn Premium, or letting Glassdoor and ZipRecruiter send you random-ass jobs that you have no intention of applying to.

Right now there are 1,500+ journalism jobs in the U.S., UK and Canada on the board…

Preview of the job board 👇

  • Application help. Internship season unofficially starts today, and the regular job market is picking up again. I’ll help you by looking over your résumés/CVs and cover letters. Don't miss out.

  • No ads, ever. I don't want to sell you insurance. Members make that happen.

  • No data sharing, ever. Your data is stored and protected by myself, Substack and Stripe. We will NEVER sell or share it.

I hope you continue on this journey with me. 🙏