What is Inside The Newsroom?

Inside The Newsroom helps you get a job in journalism. If you’re a student looking for an internship, early-career journalist trying to land your big break, or seasoned veteran wanting to manage a team, our job board has you covered.

But we don’t just live inside. We also deliver the most important and interesting news from around the world straight to your inbox every Monday. Whether it’s Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa or Latin America, we’ll keep you on top of what’s happening.

Why Subscribe?

It can take a lot of time and energy looking for a new job. I used to spend 10 hours a week just finding the jobs, let alone actually applying for them. For just $5 a month, or $45 for the year, you’ll have access to thousands of active openings across the U.S., UK and Canada. Listings include traditional and broadcast reporting gigs, multimedia and social media, data visualization and design, and audience and product growth.


If you’re an employer of any size looking to gain more traction for your job openings, shoot us an email and we can chat about how we can help: daniellevitt32@gmail.com.

About Daniel

My journalism career began in 2015 when I began my master’s in journalism at the University of Missouri. Hundreds of applications and cover letters later, I’ve worked at Bloomberg News, FiveThirtyEight, the Texas Tribune, The Guardian and most recently The Wall Street Journal. So I know a thing or two about grinding my way up the career ladder.

I started Inside The Newsroom in 2018 and built the newsletter around various full-time jobs. When WSJ told me I had to shut down ITN if I wanted to continue working for them, I refused. Which means the shackles are off and all of my attention is on breaking down the barriers to enter the media industry.

You can read all about that here.

What Are People Saying?

I hate it when people talk about me, unless it’s when Inside The Newsroom has helped get them a job…

“I've really enjoyed following the newsletter, and the job board has been incredibly helpful for me in my job search. Once I read your letter about leaving the WSJ, I wanted to see what ways we as subscribers would be able to help and grow Inside The Newsroom. I think what you and your team have put together is awesome, so I'd like to help in any way I can.” — Chris Butler, journalism student at Northeastern University

“Just a few weeks after subscribing for the job board, I was offered my dream job writing about reality TV. You might not think it at the time, but joining this newsletter could change your life. Thank you so much, Daniel.” — Celine Byford, Chief Staff Writer at Reality Tidbit

“Inside the Newsroom has impacted me massively over the past year. I just landed a full-time role I found on the job board, right out of college. This is a listing I certainly would have missed through more traditional job search means, but it wound up being a perfect fit. I didn't go to a big journalism school and started with no connections, so I've found the industry as a whole incredibly difficult to navigate. Job hunting aside, your thoughtful note on why you had to leave the Wall Street Journal shed light on issues I've noticed are incredibly common across publications.” — Camilla Forte, Web and Photo Producer at The Hechinger Report

“After reading your post about leaving WSJ, I had to subscribe. Thanks for all you do!, it’s so critical to our field.” — Eric Falquero, Editor at Street Sense Media

“I just read this newsletter and wanted to send you my support! The job board you manage is incredible and I cannot think of a better place to look for work!” — Caterina Bernardi, Freelance Photographer

“Inside the Newsroom’s job board makes the job hunt during these strange times, dare I say, more enjoyable? Instead of wasting time visiting the career pages for individual publications, you can find a list of current openings, along with links to the place to apply and when the job was posted. It's a welcomed reprieve in what's been a difficult time for many people in our industry. Thank you, Daniel!” — Anna (last name anonymous as she’s still on the job hunt)

After resubscribing to your service I found a good tip that led to a promising job interview. I’m grateful Inside The Newsroom exists and will be recommending it to friends and colleagues who are also looking to make a change. — Chris (last name anonymous as he’s in the process of changing jobs)