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Hundreds of new jobs + global news roundup
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Sophie dissects her recent BBC assignment, how she landed the story, reliving her sources' trauma and the right-wing backlash she faced on and offline.
U.S. Iran Airstrikes, Man Deported for TikTok Rant, West Bank PA Protests, Saudis-Houthis Peace Deal, New Ancient Human Species Found in Israel
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George Floyd-Style Murder in Czech Republic, NASA Space Laundry, Pandemic Poverty Millionaires, Jail For Philippines Anti-Vaxxers, Oil Exploration Thre…
New Iran President Problem for the West, Palestine Cancels Israel Vaccine Swap, Lebanese Army Pleads for Help, Global War On Children, Assad Idlib Shel…
Plus 600 new jobs in the UK, Canada and U.S.
Global Warming No Return, Hong Kong Newspaper Raid, Myanmar Leader Trial, Nicaragua Pre-Election Crack Down, Synthetic Humans, Spider Webs Cover Austra…
London Anti-Semitism Record High, New Israel-Hamas Violence, Saudi Executions, Israel New PM Minister, Ethiopia Arab League Nile Dam, Turkey Sea Snot
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