📝 1,750 Journalism Jobs and Internships — March 15

Apple News, ESPN, BBC, CBC, CNN, New York Magazine, Politico, Sky News

Happppppy Monday folks, it’s that time of the week once again. Another 300+ new jobs and internships added over the weekend, taking our total up to 1,750! It won’t be long until we eclipse that magical 2,000 mark. And be sure to check out last week’s content, as we dissected the latest happenings in the Middle East and around the world!

See you later in the week for more global news! 🤙

Job Corner ✍️

First time appearance for Apple News who has partnered with The National Association of Black Journalists to offer a news fellowship! Other newsrooms this week include ABC News, CBC, CNN, CTV, ESPN, Forbes, New York Magazine, Politico, Sky News, The Guardian and The Information!

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Preview of the 303 new jobs added to the board this weekend 👇

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