📝 375 New Jobs and Internships — March 29

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Happy Monday folks! Hope everyone’s weekends were swell (yes I just used the word swell and what?). We added another 375 new jobs and internships to the board over the weekend, in the likes of London, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Washington D.C. and many more cities across the UK and North America.

We also have a surprise giveaway courtesy of an anonymous subscriber, who we’ll call Agent Anonymous (taking suggestions for a better name…). Well, Agent Anonymous paid for five annual subscriptions and instructed me to give them to those who need it most. That made me feel incredibly swell, so I decided to match their donation and throw in another five free annual subs.

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Below is a preview of the 375 new postings including at the likes of ABC News, the BBC, Business Insider, ESPN, the Financial Times, MLB, NBA, NPR, Sky News, The Atlantic, The Guardian, The Independent, The New York Times and The Washington Post

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