🚨 Calling All Employers

Is your newsroom hiring? We can help. From sponsored postings to employer Q&As, let's increase the number of eyeballs and applications to your organization.

Hello folks! Quick one from me today with a call out to the employers among us.

We’ve already helped dozens of editors increase the number of applications for their open vacancies, and we want to help even more.

Whether your organization is hiring, wants more exposure to the best journalists in the world, or you just want to start a conversation for the future. From sponsored postings to employer Q&As, there’s lots we can do to help.

I’ve created a quick form below you can fill out to get started. Apparently you have to be signed in to a Google account to fill out the form, so feel free to just reply to this email if that’s a problem.

Employer Help Form

Until then, we’ll speak again Friday! 👋