🧮 Data Corner: All 58 Datasets We Used in 2020

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Happy New Year’s Eve folks! Hope you’re all still having peaceful holidays. Another quick one from me today… We’ve used a ton of datasets this year to put together our newsletters and podcasts, so I’ve gathered every single one of them below.

We’ll begin to roll out ‘Data Corner’ monthly in 2021, gathering even more cool and useful datasets, but until then enjoy and see you next year!

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  1. Abortions: Global abortion policies database, from the World Health Organization

  2. Afghan Exports: Trade data for Afghanistan and other countries from ATLAS

  3. African Wealth: Poorest countries in Africa, from World Population Review

  4. Aichi Biodiversity: Individual reports for each national government from the Convention on Biological Diversity

  5. Arms Sales: Database of all major weapons transfers since 1950, from SIPRI

  6. Birth Rates: Global fertility data, from Our World In Data

  7. Carbon Emissions: Real-time carbon data from NASA

  8. Climate Action: Country data profiles, from Climate Action Tracker

  9. Coup Risk: Risk of coup d'etats, from OEF Research

  10. Covid-19 Economic Impact: Global economic forecast by the OECD

  11. Covid-19: Vast data on cases and deaths, from the Financial Times.

  12. Cyclone Activity: Real-time data for all major ocean basins, from Colorado State University

  13. Deforestation: Global forest data, from Global Forest Watch

  14. Earthquakes — Realtime global earthquake data, from the USGS.

  15. Economic Inequality — Global inequality stats from the World Inequality Database

  16. Economic Outlook — Global economic outlook data, from the International Monetary Fund

  17. Exit Polls: How different demographics voted in the 2020 U.S. election, from the New York Times.

  18. FinCEN Files: Explore and download the data that led to $2 trillion of fraudulent bank transactions, from ICIJ

  19. Fires — Global fire database from NASA

  20. Flu Cases — Global flu cases by hemisphere, country and region, from the World Health Organization

  21. Global Conflict Tracker: Real-time dataset on conflicts around the world, from the Council on Foreign Relations

  22. HIV: Stats sheet from the World Health Organization.

  23. Housing Prices — Global housing data, from the International Monetary Fund

  24. Human Freedom Index: Human rights by country provided by the Cato Institute

  25. Human Rights: Stacks of human rights data by Our World In Data

  26. Humanitarian Crisis — Data on the world’s humanitarian crises, from ReliefWeb

  27. Hurricanes: Hurricane season data, from the National Hurricane Center.

  28. Hydrogen — Data on the future of hydrogen from the International Energy Agency

  29. Icebergs: Global iceberg data, from the National Snow & Ice Data Center

  30. Jailed Journalists: Historical database on all journalists imprisoned and killed from the Committee to Protect Journalists

  31. Jewish Population: Number of Jews living in each country, from World Population Review

  32. Journalist Killings: Dataset of all journalists killed or imprisoned, from Reporters Without Borders.

  33. LGBTQ Rights Index: LGBTQ rights by country, by Asher & Lyric

  34. Military Firepower: Military strength rankings, from Global Firepower

  35. Most Wanted: List of U.S. most wanted and other missing persons, from the FBI.

  36. Mountains: Global mountain data, from the USGS

  37. News or Opinion? — Views on the difference between news reporting and opinion journalism from the American Press Institute

  38. Newspaper Endorsements — Historical U.S. presidential newspaper endorsements, from the University of Santa Barbara

  39. Nobel Prize: API for all prizes and laureates since 1901 from The Nobel Prize

  40. Offshore Leaks: ICIJ database containing 785,000 records from the Panama Papers, Offshore Leaks, Bahama Leaks and Paradise Papers

  41. Oil Spills: Number of global oil spills between 1970-2016, from Our World In Data

  42. Press Freedom: 2020 World Press Freedom Index rankings, from Reporters Without Borders

  43. Protests: Global mass protest and conflict data, from ACLED

  44. Railroads: Shapefiles for the world’s railroads, from Natural Earth

  45. Refugees: Data finder on 80 million displaced people globally, from the UN.

  46. Russian Airstrikes — Database of all airstrikes in Syria, from Syrian Archive.

  47. Syria Civil War — Number of airstrikes and civilian casualties in Iraq and Syria, from Airwars

  48. Syria Crisis: Syrian economic data, by Trading Economics

  49. Terrorism: Global terrorism dataset, from the University of Maryland

  50. Trump Climate Deregulation: Every Trump-administration climate change policy, from the Brookings Institution.

  51. Trump’s Congress: Interactive on how often every member of the House and the Senate voted with or against Trump, from our friends at FiveThirtyEight.

  52. Turkish Arrests: Data on the number of people purged in Turkey since the failed 2016 military coup, from Turkey Purge

  53. U.S. Troops — Where U.S. troops are deployed per state and country, from the U.S. Department of Defense

  54. Uyghar Muslims: Location of Chinese internment camps

  55. Vaccines: Which countries have bought which vaccines, from Duke University

  56. West Bank Settlements — Number of West Bank settlements, from peacenow.org.

  57. World Hunger — Global hunger and undernourishment from Our World In Data

  58. World Species: Data archive on the world’s species, from WWF