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Hello folks! Happy Monday, hope we all had a nice and relaxing weekend. Today’s newsletter is the first of a slightly new format, where we’ll combine our job board update with our global news roundup.

This will make it easier for us to focus on finding even more jobs, as well freeing up space for more relevant content in the coming weeks and months.

Immediately below we have details on how to subscribe and previews of this week’s new jobs — we’ll be adding more throughout the day. And down at the bottom, Sophie has zipped around the world to provide us with the most important news from the past seven days.

Until then, have a productive start to the week and we’ll speak again soon!

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Outside The Newsroom 🗺️

Europe 🇪🇺

  1. Dutch Crime Journalist ShotPeter de Vries is fighting for his life in hospital after being seriously wounded in Amsterdam. Known for exposing the criminal underworld, three suspects have been detained.

  2. Iceland Moves to Four-Day Work Week — A trial to cut Iceland’s working week revealed sustained or improved productivity, with workers feeling less stressed and burned out. Now 86 percent of its workforce will reduce their hours while maintaining the same pay. 

  3. Spanish Police Investigate Pride Murder — LGBTQ+ demonstrations are taking place across Spain to protest the murder of Samuel Luiz in Galicia during Pride weekend. Police have arrested four suspects and it's believed homophobia was behind the 24-year-old nurse's death. 

  4. Ukraine Heel-Wearing Women Cadets — Ukrainian lawmakers have criticized the Defence Minister for ordering women military cadets to wear heels for a parade. He's since agreed to provide women soldiers “more comfortable” heels with different kind of lacing.

  5. Trout Meth Addicts — New research has shown that river trout can develop addictions to methamphetamine. In the study, trout opted for the drug-infused water, accumulated from human excrement passed through sewage, over fresh water.

Middle East 🌍

  1. Oil Prices Highest Since 2018 — Brent crude oil topped $75 a barrel, its highest since October 2018. Speculation over when OPEC+ will meet again to discuss output is behind the rise, as the latest discussions were called off last week.

  2. Israel Government Fails to Extend Citizenship Law — The controversial law banned Palestinians from the occupied West Bank and Gaza from being granted citizenship through marriage. It’s the first big defeat for new Israeli PM Naftali Bennett.

  3. Ever Given to Vacate Suez Canal — Egypt has struck a compensation deal, potentially in the hundreds of millions of dollars, with the cargo ship’s owners, after it blocked the Suez Canal for six days in March halting global trade.   

  4. Water From Thin Air — Companies are using "Hydropanels” to combat growing water shortages. The panels use solar energy to draw in air, which then travels through a spongy material to absorb its vapor and is cooled to collect water droplets.

Asia 🌏

  1. Japanese Mudslide Wreaks Havoc — A ‘tsunami’-like mudslide triggered by heavy rain has killed at least four people and left dozens missing. The number of Japanese mudslides has increased almost 50 percent compared to the previous decade, according to a government report.

  2. Armed Women Defy Taliban — In Afghanistan, hundreds of women are taking to the streets to protest sweeping nationwide Taliban territory advancements. The terrorist group is infamous for strict and oppressive restrictions against women.

  3. India Terrorism Legislation — Critics of India’s anti-terrorism law say it’s being used to silence government opposition. Just two percent of those arrested under the law are ever convicted.

  4. Biometrics to Stop Late-Night Gaming — In China, Tencent announced it will use facial recognition to enforce the 2019 law that prevents minors from gaming past 10 p.m. and for more than 90 minutes per day. Users of all ages must register to play video games.

Africa 🌍

  1. 140 Nigerian Schoolchildren Abducted — A boarding school in north-western Nigeria is the latest to be targeted by armed gangs. The attackers overpowered security as just 25 students escaped.

  2. Kenya Wildlife Census — The first national census in Kenya is being conducted. The count of the country’s 58 national parks and reserves will cost about £1.6m ($2.2m), and will inform policy direction and conservation methods.

  3. World’s Third Largest Diamond Found — In Botswana, a miner discovered a 1,098 carat precious stone, which was presented to President Mokgweetsi Masisi this week. The government said proceeds will fund national development. 

  4. Germany Namibia Genocide Reparations — Germany will ask for forgiveness for colonial crimes committed more than a century ago against Herero and Nama ethnic groups in Namibia. It will offer €1.1 billion for reconstruction and development.

  5. New Tech Locates Angola’s Landmines — Laser-using drones and thermal technology are locating Angola’s landmines planted during its civil war more than 20 years ago. The country is one of the most heavily mined in the world.

Latin America 🌎

  1. Haiti President AssassinatedJovenel Moïse was killed in his home by an “armed commando group” that posed as members of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency. The attack came 24 hours after Moïse named Ariel Henry as the country’s new PM.

  2. Nicaragua Arrests Six Opposition Leaders — The government continued its crackdown, including the arrest of another presidential candidate for ‘treason’. President Daniel Ortega is up for reelection in November.

  3. Colombian Protests Disappear — Seventy-seven people have disappeared since the start of Colombia’s wave of anti-government protests. The country has had a torrid past, as more than 100,000 went missing during the country’s 50-year conflict with Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.

  4. Executive Charged for Environmentalist Murder — A Honduran court found a construction firm executive guilty of collaborating in the murder of Berta Caceres. The Indigenous environmental activist was murdered in 2016. 

  5. Mexico Sinkhole Swallows Houses, Dogs — A crater caused by eroding limestone continues to grow in Central Mexico. The sinkhole is now the size of a football field and has ingested one house, and trapped two dogs.

Thanks for making it to the end. See you next week for more jobs and news around the world! 👋