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Outside The Newsroom 🗺️

Europe 🇪🇺

  1. EU Fails Asylum Seekers — An EU Parliament report revealed that EU border agency Frontex failed to prevent human rights violations against asylum seekers. The agency was also criticized for its role in preventing refugees from crossing into Europe via the Aegean Sea.

  2. Sweeping EU Climate Change Proposals — The EU has proposed new measures such as a jet fuel tax and banning petrol and gas-powered cars to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. But due to the number of countries — 27 — involved, the proposals could take years to be approved.

  3. Poland to Follow Brexit? — Legal observers warn Poland could be set to follow the UK and exit the EU, after a court rejected “invalid” interim measures by the European Court of Justice to suspend a new chamber at Poland’s Supreme Court. 

  4. Irish Add ‘Person of Color’ to Vocab — The National Terminology Database for Irish has added “person of color” to its lexicon. Generations of Irish speakers have previously used terms that translate as “blue person” or “devil” to describe people of color. 

  5. France to Withdraw Military in Sahel President Emmanuel Macron announced plans to withdraw anti-jihadist forces in the Sahel between the Middle East and Sub-Sahara Africa by March 2022. French troops have been stationed there since its intervention in Mali in 2013.

Middle East 🌍

  1. Dubai Port Explosion — A container ship at Dubai’s Jebel Ali Port caught fire and exploded, sending shockwaves up to 15 miles away. The blast was powerful enough to be seen from space, yet fortunately no casualties were reported.

  2. Iraq Covid Ward Fire Kills Dozens — At least 100 people burned to death after a fire broke out in a Covid hospital in southern Iraq. The fire is thought to have been caused by an oxygen tank explosion, and the death toll continues to rise.

  3. Iran Launches Dating App — Iran’s government approved Hamdam, its first legal dating app to help users find love, as the country’s divorce rate rises and birth rate falls. The app checks users’ identities and requires a psychology test before signing up, and provides consultants to help couples pre and post marriage.

  4. Blackout in Lebanon — Two state-run Lebanese power plants have run out of fuel, leaving people across the country without electricity. Lebanon has been experiencing an energy crisis for years, the impact of which was accelerated by the 2020 Beirut explosion.

  5. Journalist Condemns Iran Kidnap Plot— Iranian-American journalist and human rights activist Masih Alinejad thanked the FBI for protecting her from an alleged plot by Iranian intelligence to kidnap her and take her back to Iran. The U.S. government has charged four Iranians.

Asia 🌏

  1. Giant Pandas Off Endangered List— China’s efforts to create designated nature reserves to boost the giant panda population have paid off and the animal is now classified as vulnerable. But studies warn this may have come at the expense of carnivorous populations, whose numbers have recently dropped.

  2. India Two-Child Policy — Several Indian states have announced draft legislation to implement two-child policies to control population growth. India is expected to overtake China as the world’s most populous country within the next decade.

  3. China Bans Macau Opposition Candidates — China has banned 21 opposition candidates from participating in forthcoming elections in Macau, an ex-Portuguese colony returned to China in 1999. As part of the deal, Macau — like Hong Kong — was promised 50 years of freedom.

  4. Vanuatu Citizenship Sale— Passports for the small South Pacific archipelago of Vanuatu are on sale for $130,000 at the Consulate General’s office, on the 23rd floor of a skyscraper in Hong Kong. In 2020, more than 650 people were granted citizenship, which comes with visa-free access to the EU and UK.

  5. Korean Palm Oil Group Deemed Unsustainable— Korean palm oil conglomerate Korindo has been stripped of its sustainable status, after a BBC investigation revealed that it was buying areas of the Papua rainforest and clearing it to plant new palm trees.

Africa 🌍

  1. South Africa Protests — More than 70 people have been killed during a week of violent riots and looting in South Africa, over anger former President Jacob Zuma — who fought against apartheid — turned himself in to police. Poverty and inequality, exacerbated by the pandemic, are also fuelling the protests. 

  2. Ghana LGBTQ+ Community Repression— LGBTQ+ rights activists in Ghana have been arrested and charged with unlawful assembly for spreading their community’s agenda. There was also anti-gay uproar after the first community center for the group was opened earlier this year. 

  3. Uganda Tracking Devices in Cars— The Ugandan government has ruled that citizens must pay to install tracking devices in their vehicles and register them. The move comes after the country’s transport minister’s daughter was killed in an assassination attempt on his government vehicle last month.

  4. Ethiopian PM Secures Second Term— Amid conflict in the Tigray region, Ethiopia’s ruling Prosperity Party won a landslide victory in last month’s delayed election. The party of prime minister Abiy Ahmed, who came to power after his predecessor’s resignation in 2018, won 410 of 436 seats.

Latin America 🌎

  1. Cuba Anti-Government Protests— Thousands have taken to the streets in the island’s largest demonstrations in decades to protest the communist government’s handling of the pandemic, its economic crisis, and food and medicine shortages. One person has been killed, at least 100 arrested and internet blackouts have been reported. 

  2. Colombians Arrested Over Haitian President Assassination — More than a dozen Colombian ex-soldiers have been arrested in connection with President Moïse’s assassination. The hit-squad was made up of 28 members, 26 of whom were Colombian.

  3. Amazon Absorbs Less Carbon Than It Emits — Deforestation and climate change have affected large parts of the Amazon rainforest’s ability to absorb CO2, of which they now emit more than they absorb. The new study said the south-east is the worst affected. 

  4. Ecuador Abortion Laws Discrimination — A Human Rights Watch report found that criminalization of abortion in Ecuador — except in cases of rape or danger to life — disproportionately affects Afro-Ecuadorian and Indigenous women. Illegal abortions carry sentences of up to two years.

  5. Venezuelan Police Gang Clashes — Conflict has broken out in Caracas after police cracked down on the Cota 95 neighborhood, home to the Koki gang, the most powerful in the capital. Venezuelan officials report 26 deaths.

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