✍️✍️ Job Board Update ✍️✍️ — July 5

Newsletter changes + hundreds of new jobs and internships in the U.S., UK and Canada!

Hello folks! Hope our American and Canadian friends enjoyed their recent time off. How to spend Canada Day and July Fourth is always tricky, but it seems each year more focus is on the actual history as opposed to beer and fireworks. And at the least it’s good to recharge.

Public holidays aside, we have some housekeeping to do before we get to this week’s new jobs…

I’ve been doing lots of talking and thinking of how to keep improving Inside The Newsrooms over the past few months. My conclusion is that I’ve gotten away from the ‘inside’ part of this newsletter’s name and need to do a better job.

So, I’m going to consolidate the ‘outside’ portion of the newsletter — Inside The Newsroom and Picks of the Week — and get back to what’s happening inside the media industry around the world. What that looks like is still up in the air, and I’m going to spend the rest of the summer putting together more ideas for relevant content.

But don’t worry, we’ll continue to update the jobs board each week as usual, and work to increase the number and diversity of the jobs we list.

Thanks again for sticking with us and we’ll speak again next week! 👋

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