✍️✍️ Job Board Update ✍️✍️ — June 28

New jobs at Endpoints News, the 19th, Axios, National Geographic, Pro Publica, Devex, the Montreal Gazette, the Press Association and many more!

Happy Monday everyone! Hope we’re all safe and feeling relatively calm. I had a fun hiking weekend that eventually turned into lazing on the beach, so we’re running a little late today. Lots of new jobs added to the job board already, and we’ll continue to add more throughout the day.

Before we do, I have a friend who’s looking to move to Italy to study and freelance on the side. So if we have any Italian journalists or anyone based in Bel Paese, please give us a shout! 🙏 🇮🇹

Be sure to check out last week’s content. Preview of this week’s new jobs below. Have a great week everybody!

  • Thursday: 🌍 Inside The Middle East including a horrific report on the impact on children of last year’s global wars and conflict.

  • Friday: 🗺️ Picks of the Week where a George Floyd-style police murder took place in the Czech Republic.

Job Corner ✍️

Tonnes more jobs and internships posted over the weekend including at the likes of Endpoints News, the 19th, Axios, Devex, the Montreal Gazette, National Geographic, the Press Association and Pro Publica!

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See you later in the week for Inside The Middle East and Picks of the Week!