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Hello folks! Hope we all had relaxing weekends. I know I did hiking along the Norfolk coast here in England.

Lots of news to share today starting with us taking a break this week on Inside The Middle East and Picks of the Week to catch our collective breath. The job board will be updated as usual.

Second piece of news is that I've left The Wall Street Journal. It's been a tough past couple of weeks processing everything, but I'm finally ready to make it public. I'll share more this week so stay tuned for that.

And lastly I was published in Digital Content Next last week writing on how newsrooms have adapted their subscriber retention and acquisition strategies post-Trump. Below is an excerpt from that article followed by a preview to this week's job board.

Speak to ya'll soon!

Rebuilding audience engagement in the post-Trump era

Earlier this month marked 100 days since Donald Trump officially left the White House as U.S. president. His departure ended a chapter crammed with chaos and controversy for hundreds of millions of Americans, and many more around the world. 

As the pandemic enters a second year, a deafening lack of Trump has been coupled with a general public malaise from too much news. As a result, the historic ratings bump enjoyed during the Trump administration quickly turned into a slump. Few outlets have been spared. 

The Washington Post reported that of the three largest cable news networks, only Fox News has held relatively steady. Its three prime-time opinion shows fell just 6% in viewership since the first weeks of the year. MSNBC and CNN, meanwhile, declined 26% and 45% in the 8-10 p.m. ET time slot, respectively.

But it’s not just cable networks that have been affected. The Washington Post itself saw a 26% fall in the number of unique visitors to its website from January to February. The New York Times experienced a 17% decline in the same period. 

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Job Corner ✍️

Another another 360 jobs posted over the weekend, keeping our total listings well above 2,000. Preview below and subscribe! 👇

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