👋 Welcome Back Update + New Jobs

Plus pictures of my new furry friend 😮 🐶

Hello folks and happy back-to-work-day for many of you. Sincerely hope everyone had a chance to decompress over the holidays and catch a breath. I know I did, which gave me the time to adopt a dog! But not just any dog… I brought home Lillie the Beagle last week!

Those who’ve owned a beagle before will know that I immediately questioned every decision I’d ever made, but it’s been a week now and we’ve finally compromised with a routine we’re both happy with-ish…

Lillie loovvees my dirty laundry 😒

I also had the chance to read a bunch of feedback from folks over content and direction of the newsletter. So going forward we’re going to focus more on expanding the job board — right now it has around 1,100 openings and we want to get it up to 2,000 in the coming weeks — as well as more resources to help ya’ll tell better stories and become better storytellers.

Because of my new schedule, we’re going to turn the podcast from weekly into monthly, which will also allow us to step up our game even more in terms of guests. And as ever, we'll deliver the most important news from the Middle East and around the world every Wednesday and Friday, respectively.

In the meantime, here's the link to the latest job board, and I've included some more pictures of my new little munchkin down below. Thank you as ever and see you Wednesday! 👋

Job Board: w/c Jan. 4

Preview of some of this week's new jobs 👇