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The Inside The Newsroom Job Board is here with more than 400 active jobs and internships across the U.S., the UK and around the world

Hello! And welcome to a special edition of Inside The Newsroom where we’ll launch the Inside The Newsroom Job Board. This project has been in the works for months, originally set for September 1 in time for internship season, but I’ve spoken to literally dozens of journalists of all ages and nationality who have either been laid off, furloughed, their freelance work dried up or their internship cancelled. So over the weekend I gathered hundreds of jobs from news outlets of all sizes from multiple countries. Here are a few bits of admin to keep in mind:

  • No job listed was posted before March 1, 2020

  • I’ll be adding more jobs throughout today, so do check back

  • After today I’ll update the spreadsheet weekly every Sunday

  • If you spot a mistake or new job, DM me on Twitter or email daniellevitt32@gmail.com

  • Please pay it forward by donating to this Go Fund Me page set up for journalists been laid off or furloughed

  • Please RT, share, tell your neighbour, tell your grandmother so other journalists in need can potentially get a job and some money in the bank

Inside The Newsroom Job Board

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