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Hey folks! Happy Memorial Day to our U.S. friends, and happy bank holiday to us Brits out there. Let's be honest, we have no idea why we have a day off today. Sorry everyone else, you don't get anything.

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After what happened to me at The Wall Street Journal, and hearing countless similar stories from other journalists, I want to emphasize the importance of starting something, so you’re not left with nothing.

Journalism Before All Else

For anyone unaware, I left WSJ a couple of months ago. I didn’t want to leave, but I was essentially given an ultimatum: Continue to work at WSJ and shut down Inside The Newsroom, or leave. They didn't believe in my ability to remain objective while also helping others enter the industry.

In another world, I might have continued slaving away at WSJ. But in this world, where I had something to fall back on, I chose the latter. At the time it wasn’t an easy decision, however in hindsight it was a no-brainer, but only because I had the choice.

How many times have we heard about journalists being treated like dirt by their editors, but they were forced into silence over fear of losing their job? Or worse, they were fired or made redundant and left with nothing. I’ve lost count.

Just this month, 22-year-old journalist Emily Wilder was fired by the AP only two weeks after she was hired for violating their social media policy. They didn’t even tell her how she broke it. I’ll let you digest Emily’s statement below if you haven’t already. Her firing appeared to be because of prior activism for Palestinian human rights.

Like Emily, I’m Jewish and I’m able to report fairly on Israel and Palestine. I’m a journalist before I’m Jewish and don't favor one side over the other. Because of that, I support the innocent people and families on the ground in the West Bank, Gaza and across Israel. They’re just like you and me. They want to earn an honest living, hang out with friends and eat good food. Emily was punished because she wanted to help these innocent people. Isn't giving a voice to the voiceless what journalism is about?

Emily’s story is abhorrent, but not unique. I don’t know Emily personally and therefore can’t speak on what's next for her, if anything at all. But what I do know is that she worked her ass off covering local and statewide issues in Arizona, and thoroughly deserved her big break at the AP.

That was all taken from her in an instant. Not necessarily because she did anything wrong, but because the AP and other newsrooms like WSJ constantly shift what it means to be objective. Hundreds of journalists are being caught in the cross fire. So much so that the idea of objectivity has become completely subjective.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

My ability to choose my own path didn’t happen overnight, or even after I joined WSJ. I started Inside The Newsroom more than three years ago, and worked my butt off to build ITN to what it is. Thank the lord I did.

Because contrary to what I like to believe, I can’t predict the future. That’s one of life’s great attributes. But it’s because I had no idea what was coming down the pike, that I knew I had to hedge against the precariousness of the media industry and protect myself.

Fortunately for me, and thanks to you, my situation is working out and I no longer have to worry about making rent. But had I become comfortable and complacent with my career trajectory, I’d be trapped and still working for a newsroom that didn’t give a shit about me.

So whether it’s a newsletter, podcast or app on politics, sports, climate or whatever issue you want to speak on, start building your platform right now. That way you'll have the freedom and choice to decide what's best for you down the road. Let's go.


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